Biggest Challenges of Office 365 Migration

Migration of organization data to office 365 offers a lot of latest features and benefits to organization. To achieve office 365 migration organizations needs to have proper planning and it should be assessed to have a clear picture about what data should be migrated before starting the actual process.

Techniques to overcome the Office 365 Migration challenges

  • Hybrid Solution
    Office 365 Migration may be easy for the organizations who want to move all employees from on-premises to office 365. It may be quite complex for the organization who wants to move the data by keeping some of them. The other case is to maintain work productivity of the organization which needs office 365 for their mobile workforce. An organization who wants to maintain data stores for large number of users, a hybrid solution is suitable for them.
  • Merge Emails
    Migrating to office 365 needs users to leave old email platform, to adopt new exchange platform. And also, the Office 365 has some limitation like 25MB size for email attachments. Consider user expectation and avoids employee repercussion. File sharing program to help to share large size of attachments.
  • Security Issue
    Usually users may not have willed to move data’s from on-premises to cloud because of security issues. The fears are baseless, because the Microsoft has enough safety to your data. It’s very safe while migration and also after migrating to office 365. So you can migrate to office 365 without any fear as it has convenient data protection and security policies.
  • Complication while moving
    Some organization may have difficulty while moving data to other environments which may also drives to invisible changes to the end user, while others are very easy to migrate. To avoid complexity while moving we should have a practical planning for migration like data which needs to be migrated, amount of time etc.
  • Reducing low bandwidth issue
    This problem will occur in small organizations which have finite bandwidth and also have large set of data to migrate which may end up consuming large amount of time to migrate from on-premises to office 365. To avoid this problem migration tools can be used.

Office 365 Migration Conclusion

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