Checklists for Migration to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 sounds more in present days business era. Organizations eager to move to office 365 for its varieties of benefits. It is recognized as one of the most demanding products.


Scalable and High performance Exchange migration

Exchange Server Migaration to any destination is with multi threading capability with throttling management can make your migration fast and high performance.
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Microsoft Office 365 provides a plenty of benefits to users. As Microsoft monitors all activities on the server side, no need of additional hardware and software installation.

As cloud environment is the most convenient solution, almost all business organizations like to move to Office 365.

Moving from On – premises to cloud is a challenging task. So, it needs a proper planning. Some points need to be considered during the migration from on- premise environment to cloud are

  1. Need to form a team to analyze the requirements and create a strategy for migration task. Then need to select proper tools which performs the migration task.
  2. Once the all scripts are updated, all the items may be migrated.
  3. Now all the items are in the new environment, you may initiate the process to access by purchasing the license. The proper functioning of new environment needs integration of Exchange with office 365 services.
  4. You can have the benefits of cloud environment. You can centralize the business processes like reporting, licensing, storage etc.

Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration

There are number of tools available in the market for the migration of mailboxes from Exchange server to Office 365. EdbMails Exchange migration to Office 365 tool is the convenient solution for the migration of entire exchange mailbox data to office 365 server.

You can perform the incremental migration i.e. you can avoid duplicates during the consecutive migration on the same system. It provides the facility of auto-mapping of mailboxes between the source Exchange server and target office 365 server.


EdbMails Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration Tool

Exclude folder option ensures user to select specific folder migration. You can migrate public folders as well as archive mailboxes. You can perform the safe and secure migration. The tool supports all latest exchange server versions.

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