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Need for EDB Repair?

Exchange server database EDB file is the proprietary information store of the Exchange Server. It is an Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File which stores all the information in a B-tree structure. All the exchange mailboxes and its associated contents such as mails, drafts, sent items, calendar items, contacts, journals, notes etc. will be stored in the .edb file. There are several common Exchange errors that can lead to EDB corruption and necessitate edb file repair such as:

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1022 jet_errdiskio Error: This happens due to Disk I/O failure or more precisely not being able to access the requested database page. Such scenarios happen more often than not as a result of incomplete transaction logs resulting from database size restrictions.

1019 JET_errpagenotInitialized Error: This can occur due to links between various database pages that turn out to be non-valid. It also results from empty or uninitialized pages within the database.

1018 JET_errreadverifyfailure Error: This can occur due to page-level corruption in the Exchange database. Checksum mismatch in the header can also render the page unreadable with this error.

1216 JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch Error: This error occurs when one or more important files that are specified in the logs are missing, moved or altered with.

501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt and 510 JET_errLogWriteFail : These errors can result from log file corruption and failure to write to log files.

JET_errDatabaseDirtyShutdown: Also known as Dirty shutdown error, this can occur due to sudden or unclean shutdown. When the main exchange server process is suddenly terminated without being given a chance to commit the changes to the information store then it will result in dirty shutdown state

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Repair EDB and migrate to Live Exchange Server

All the errors mentioned above can result in the Exchange database EDB file being unmountable and the data within inaccessible. To perform edb repair of dismounted corrupted offline Exchange EDB files using EdbMails edb repair tool, follow the below steps:

  1. To repair EDB, open EdbMails and select the corrupted EDB file that you wish to repair. You can also select the dirty shutdown EDB file or priv1.edb/pub1.edb files. If you are using legacy Exchange versions then you can also select the .stm file in addition to .edb
    Click the "Browse for EDB" button
  2. Right click the Tree view and select the Mailbox / folder that you wish to migrate to Live Exchange Server. Choose the ‘Migrate Selected Mailboxes / Folders to Live Exchange Server’ popup menu item to continue with the migrate operation.


  3. Click the ‘Migrate to Live Exchange Server’ option to continue


  4. Enter the Live Exchange Server account credentials to connect to Exchange Server and click ‘Login to Live Exchange’


  5. After the successful login, Map the mailboxes to Live Exchange Server mailboxes and click on ‘Migrate EDB to Live Exchange’ to migrate.


  6. During migration operation, the progress will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot.


  7. Once the migration operation is completed, the message ‘Migration operation has been completed.’ will be prompted. Thus, in few simple steps you can not only repair EDB but also migrate EDB to Live Exchange Server.

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