Exchange server migration to office 365

Now a days many organizations are Migrating mailboxes from On-premises Exchange to Office 365. Moving mailboxes from exchange to Office 365 is quite a challenging task. EdbMails provides a healthy environment to perform Exchange migration to office 365. The main intention to migrate to office 365 to migrate your data with safe and accurate, also to reduce the cost.

EdbMails contributes a lot in migration job as you can perform direct migration of mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365 without much complexity.

The reasons behind the migration from Exchange server to Office 365:

  1. Loss of data:
    There is a chance of loss of data when disaster occurs as you store data in your own hardware. Maintaining the continuous business flow become very expensive.
  2. Expensive hardware and license cost:
    Periodic replacement of hardware and resources are necessary in case of Exchange On premises. Maintenance costs are more to the organization.
  3. Security Concern:
    Exchange platform requires special care in the security wise. Any threats may cause disastrous consequences.
  4. Availability:
    To get high reliability and uptime, need to invest more.

The reasons for Migrating to Office 365:

  1. Scalability:
    Office 365 platform reduces the investment for future account storage. You can upgrade and downgrade your licenses according to your requirement.
  2. Cost Effective:
    It maintains a very flexibility in price. You can select the different plans as your wish.
  3. No worry about the data loss:
    As being cloud service, Office 365 ensures a high security on data lose. No need to be uncertain about the business continuity.
  4. Up to date:
    Users can get access to the latest enhancements quickly once released.

EdbMails Exchange Migration to Office 365:

EdbMails Exchange migration tool is the perfect solution for the migration of mailboxes from Exchange server to Office 365. Its true incremental feature satisfies the user in duplication of items in the destination. It supports mailboxes migration to office 365 from almost all exchange server versions.

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