Export disconnected Exchange Mailbox to PST using EdbMails

The request to export the disconnected mailbox from your Exchange server in your database mail which is marked for deletion has become a common query where the users will be frequently raising this question.

A disconnected mailbox is nothing but an orphaned mailbox which is not linked to an active directory of user account and such mailbox is available in the database until it is not removed manually or its retention period is expired And one of the most common method used to export a mailbox from your Microsoft exchange server is to use the NewMailboxExportRequest command on Powershell and it will export your mailbox to PST including your contact and calendar entries.

Whenever a mailbox is disconnected it doesn’t mean that it is not existing in the mailbox database, it will be present in the mailbox database but while exporting the mailbox the associated user is needed to complete the operation ,so it is a waste of time trying the NewMailboxExportRequest command since there is no user is associated to build the connection to the mailbox.

Export a disconnected mailbox using the following technique:

Create a temporary user as you can see in the below image that I have created a user New user by using active directory users and computers.

  • Open Exchange Management Console
  • Expand Recipient Configuration
  • Click on Disconnected Mailbox
  • Choose the mailbox to recover
  • Right-Click on the mailbox and click Connect


  • Tick the User Mailbox
  • Under Existing User click Browse and select the temporary user you created
  • Enter an Alias for the mailbox and click Next
  • Click the Connect button

When this operation is completed successfully your mailbox will be connected to the user and once this connection is established the next step is to export the mailbox to PST from the exchange management shell using the command NewMailboxExportRequest.

NewMailboxExportRequest this command is only available on Microsoft Exchange 2010 and above, after mailbox has been exported simply disable the mailbox in Exchange environment and delete the temporary user

While performing the Export operation you may encounter some issues like Couldn’t connect to the source mailbox or other. and the reason for such issues are mentioned below

During the Exchange tests and connectivity via the server user should not have blocked anything so firewall services might create issues and also when MAPI protocol is enabled it will not allow to connect hence it also should be disabled.

To check whether MAPI is enabled or not you must check the mailbox status by doing right click on the user mailbox from the Exchange Management Console and check the properties or using the Exchange Management Shell and using the Get CASMailbox.


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