How to Migrate Public Folder to Office 365

Public Folder:
A public folder is useful for sharing information among the users in an organization. It can have mails, calendars, journals, notes etc. Administrator can set rights for users to access folder.

Pre – migration requirements in migrating public folder to office 365

  1. EdbMails application
  2. Windows PowerShell commands
  3. Public Folder EDB file

Steps to Migrate public folder to office 365 using EdbMails

  1. Create public folders in Office 365

    a. Login to office 365, Select ‘Admin centers’ and then ‘Exchange’

    b. Select Public folders and select public folder mailboxes and click ‘+’ icon to add a new mailbox

    c. Give the name to the public folder mailbox and save

    d. Select public folders tab and click on ‘…’ and then click ‘Root Permissions’

    e. Select the ‘+’ icon and click Browse button to find user list and click ‘OK’

    f. Select the user mailbox and click ‘OK’.

    g. Choose the ‘Owner’ in permission level and click the ‘Save’ button continue operation to save all the changes.

  2. Download and install EdbMails application
  3. Click ‘Start you Free Trial’ button
  4. Select ‘EDB Export’ method and click ‘Continue’
  5. Click ‘Browse for EDB’ button to select Public folder EDB and Click ‘Continue’.
  6. Select the folders for office 365 migration
  7. Select ‘Connect Public Folder’
  8. Execute the PowerShell commands
  9. Enter the Office 365 login credentials and set the impersonation rights to user.

    Select the “Connect Public Folder” Checkbox in office 365 Connection type
  10. Map the public folder to office 365 public folder mailboxes and click ‘Export EDB to Office 365’
    Note: Please select the user assigned to Public Folder.

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