Migrating older version of Exchange server to Exchange server 2016

The latest version, Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 brings a lot of productivity and collaboration enhancements. Its features include improvement in Outlook web app, better searching capabilities and document collaboration, Improved emailing features and the advent of the cloud approach. These solid features provide new expertise and proficiencies that benefit to their business. Due to the effective enhancement and the user-friendly features of this latest release, users are very much eager to migrate from the older version of Exchange Server to Exchange server 2016.

Why the migration to Exchange server 2016 is recommended?

Updates you can see when you migrate to Exchange 2016 includes,

  • Updated certificate that is used by S/MIME control in Outlook on the Web.It is now SHA-2 compliant.
  • 17 new languages have been added to the Outlook on the web.
  • You can download Exchange 2016 download package as a ISO file. Previously It was self-extracting .exe file.
  • Mailbox server alone handling both Mailbox and Client access server roles.
  • Enables the users to add their Linked in contacts.
  • Updated Calendar and Email improvement including the features like archiving, emoji, Undo mailbox options and improved search.
  • Thirteen new themes are added in graphic design.
  • Performance improvement in Outlook on the web. Such as composing and loading messages in the reading pane, search, switching between the folders.
  • Pin and Flags which allows the users to keep the essential emails at the top of their mailbox and mark others for follow-up.

Before starting migration, we have to make sure that whether it is possible to upgrade from all the older versions to new version. Because, sometimes when you upgrade to a new version, that makes a lot of changes in architecture and internal working of the Exchange server, that lead to unexpected hassles which are very difficult to test and resolve.

For Example, you cannot upgrade Exchange 2003 to Exchange server 2016. To make it possible, first you have to upgrade Exchange 2003 to 2007 or 2010, after that you have to upgrade Exchange 2007 or 2010 to Exchange server 2016.

If you are planning to migrate Exchange server 2003 or 2007 to Exchange server 2016, then you have to be aware of the limitation that, it is not possible to migrate with the Exchange 2016 legacy version, since it coexists only with Exchange 2010 and 2013. Either you have to perform double hop migration as explained in the above example or you have to use third party application to make it possible.

How to migrate Exchange 2003 or 2007 to Exchange 2016 usingEdbMails Exchange Migration Tool?

EdbMails migration tool makes use of Impersonation Mappingtechnique to migrate the mailboxes.

  • First of all, you have to set the Impersonation Rights. Click here for the steps to accomplish this task.
  • Once the Impersonation setting is done, Open the EdbMails application, Login and select the EDB file that you wish to export to your Live Exchange Server.
  • On the main GUI, select the Mailboxes that you wish to export and Click the button “Export Selected Mailboxes / Folders…”
  • Select the Export Method as “Export Selected Mailboxes / Folders to Live Exchange Server” and Click “Continue”, as shown below.exporttoexchange
  • Enter the Login credentials as displayed in the below screenshot (use the user account you have Impersonated using the above steps) and click the “Exchange Server Login”.Note: Select the appropriate Exchange Server Version which is installed on your Computer. If the version is not available on the Drop-down list, you can directly type (enter) the appropriate version. For Instance: If you have Exchange 2016 installed on your computer then either you can select “Exchange2013” as version or you can type (enter) “Exchange2016”.login-live-exchange
  • From the screen that appears, you can Map your Mailboxes from your EDB file to your new Exchange Server.
  • After mapping the Mailboxes, click the “Export Edb to Live Exchange” button to continue with the Edb to Live Exchange Server migration.

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