Protect your Office 365 by local Encrypted backup

Using MS Office 365 as your email provider it doesn’t mean that you don’t need backup of your emails. Although promises an uptime of over 99.9%, 0.1% downtime may not be a huge time, it is still a valuable time for your business.

Before finalizing how to handle your Office 365 backups, it’s important to understand the email challenges that come with using Office 365.

Office 365 and Cloud Email Challenges

Office 365 is not hosted on your premises. You will be losing the control. Though Microsoft provides this email services, You should be cautious that its your data and it’s your responsibility. You should be aware of how Microsoft handles inactive office 365 accounts. Esure they’re preserved in accordance with your own policies. Also may you need to balance the legal needs and any necessary compliances.

Advantages of having your backup on your local storage:

Keeping local copies of your email data is best practice, You will be rest assured that your data is safe in your premises. You can easily access your email data on your need. EdbMails Office 365 backup is incremental with AES 256-bit encryption. You will have full backup on first backup process. Consecutive backup operation will be incremental. Saves bandwidth and storage space on your machine.

An Office 365 backup ensures you’re able to restore emails in any circumstances, whereas the retention policies of Office 365 supported by Microsoft may not meet your needs at disaster.

If you’re using a hybrid email configuration, with both Office 365 and on-premises Exchange Server, keeping a local backup of your email lets you apply the same backup, recovery, and e-discovery plans across your entire organization. This approach reduces the training your team needs and simplifies managing your recovery and restore during any disaster.

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