Office 365 Migration Dos and Don’ts

If your organization is planning to do office 365 migration before doing so you need to have extensive planning. Here are the some key points from the experts to overcome the challenges which may simplify your office 365 migration process.

  • Source environment cleanup, inventory and appropriate evaluation should be done properly.
  • Perform migration accurately and record its progress.
  • Throughout the migration process making some users work orderly.
  • Assuring the proper management of the target environment after migration and also ensuring the proper connection with the users throughout the process.
  • Cloud migration has the additional challenges like feature restrictions, size limitations and mapping permission from source to office 365. We can easily overcome these by having the proper knowledge and suitable tools.

Office 365 Migration Dos and Don’ts

  • As the accurate preparation is difficult don’t skimp on the intensive preparation.
  • Enable users to stay productive through whole process as your migrating to office 365. Like ensuring the proper connection at the time of migration. So, plan for co-existence.
  • To reduce the impact of a migration on business, coexistence is essential. At the same time completing the migration process accurately without any hassle is very important and it should not cause any major loss to the organization.
  • For Security implementation, office 365 migration is the pro time which was very in legacy environment.
  • Not forgetting the post migration management. As office 365 migration removes most responsibilities of administrator except few. But you need to ensure the security and effective environment after migration by having the right tools in place.

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