Office 365 Migration Pitfalls to Avoid

Office 365 Migration

Migration of your organization data office 365 is a good thing as it offers latest features. Moving your environment data to office 365 is not easy as well. To achieve successful migration you need have practical planning. To have successful migration avoid the following drawbacks.

  • Not having the proper pre migration planning:
    Before starting the actual process organization needs to have effective planning and it should be realistic and efficient. The planning has to be assessed before starting process to have clear idea about what needs to be migrated. Every company thinks that migration is a technical work and they expect IT team to manage everything to ensure that process is running smoothly in new environment. But it’s not true as it is an extensive task and it’s better to involve one person from each department for planning and throughout the working process as well, to educate and support the team about the migration process in future.
  • Migrating without knowing the reason:
    Your organization should know the reason before migrating to office 365 and you should have definite business objective. Before migration you should make sure whether your organization need those are not, as office 365 has many tools which have many features.
  • Neglecting the amount time needed for migration:
    We should not neglect the amount of time, it will take for migration. To have smooth and successful migration it’s very necessary to set enough time for probable downtime and any block during the process.
  • Not Training End Users:
    Office 365 is different from your existing environment which has different interface and works in a quite different way. Therefore you need to train your end users well by showing them the location where their data stored and how to access those.
  • Lack of post migration plan:
    After successful migration you need to have post migration plan which includes monitoring, new admin plans and verifying etc., you should also ensure that migrated data’s are safe in the new environment and always it’s better to know the security policies of office 365 to have secure environment.

Summing Up Office 365 Migration

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