A Guide to Avoid Common Problems When Performing an Office 365 Migration

If you are decided to do office 365 migration, you should have thorough planning. Otherwise it may cause you huge loss. As, the Successful office 365 migration requires careful and extensive planning. Some of the organizations will migrate to office 365 without having any reliable plan which may create a lot of issues for them later. To avoid these, they should have already designed plan which should be prudent and feasible.

Common Problems while migrating to Office 365

  • Erratic network issue:
    Office 365 Migration process may get slow down because of the discontinuous internet connection. Though we can solve these by storing messages and then they will be uploaded in batches to avoid network interruptions.
  • Current Exchange Environment issues:
    You may have issues while migrating to office 365 if the current exchange environment had an issue with stability or by having corrupted database files. These are all should be fixed before starting the migration process.
  • Downtime:
    You may be able to avoid downtime by making the end users aware of migration process and setting up the migration in such way that won’t affect the common working hours of the workers.
  • Security Concerns:
    Due to regulatory concerns or other compliance concerns most of the organizations are reluctant about office 365 migration as it may cause huge data loss and maintaining the secure environment is very big challenge for any organization.
  • Outlook Version issues:
    While performing the office 365 migration client should have at least outlook 2013. And it’s better upgrade before performing migration as the migration operation never goes well with older outlook versions.

Office 365 Migration Conclusion

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