Recovery database in restoring Exchange 2010 Mailboxes

Recovery Database RDB is a database, it aids recovery operation in Exchange server 2010. Mounts the backup of Mailbox database, extract data from it and helps in recovery operation. Exchange Powershell cmdlets are used for the extraction of the data. Data extracted can be saved to a Mailbox or a folder.
Recovery Database is a new feature in Exchange server 2010, replacing the recovery storage groups of previous Exchange server versions, helps in restoring Exchange databases and recovering Mailboxes. Recovery of data from backup or copies will not hinder the client access to the exchange server. Recovery database is combined with Windows server backup, forms a facility for the administrator to backup and restore.
Recovery database will be an additional database along with the actual database license. Recovery database holds database and log files. Needs storage space exactly as normal database. Only one recovery database can be mounted per server. This supports only restore operation not backup. Recovery database cannot be used for email communication or Email access.
For usage of Recovery database the Logical information about the Recovery database and its content to be safe on Active directory.

Steps involved in database Recovery.
Create Recovery database.
Restore or copy the database and log files to RDB folders.
Bring the database to clean should state and mount the database and then recover the data.

Source and target databases must be same in Active directory forest.
For fast recovery, locate the recovery database in fastest mailbox server.
Ensure enough space to restore the mailbox database.

Limitations of Recovery database

cannot restore Entire server or multiple databases.
Cannot be used in a situation where active directory topology rebuilding or modification is required.
Cannot restore mailbox databases of 2007 and 2003 versions
it cannot be used for public folder database.

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