14 Reasons to switch to Exchange Online

Exchange online is a cloud based solution for hosted emails, calendars, contacts, tasks etc offered by Microsoft as a part of Office 365 suite. Basically what this means is that you will be provided with space for secure storage of your data on Microsoft servers for a monthly per user fee depending on the plan that you opted for. What makes Exchange online a lucrative package for many a businesses is the fact that they no longer have to worry about data management. Let’s have a closer look at some of the other factors that are driving the ever increasing adoption rate of Exchange online.

  1. Access your emails from anywhere
    With Exchange Online you can have access to all your emails from anywhere. The are significant productivity gains that can be had from this seemingly trivial enhancement. Now you can reply to your customers on the go or respond to emails from your Boss. The best part is that access to your emails is platform agnostic meaning you can be on Windows, Linux distros, Mac OS or even mobile (Android/iOS) and still be able to see and respond to emails.
  2. Deploy in Hybrid environment
    Not ready to move your business entirely to Exchange online yet ? Well no worries as you now have the flexibility to keep some of the user mailboxes in your on-premises servers and others in the cloud. Hybrid deployment also makes staged migrations possible. You can easily free up resources on your on-premises servers by migrating users with large mailboxes to the cloud.
    What’s more novel is the fact that you get a single identity for authentication of both on-premises and Exchange online applications, this negates the need to remember multiple login credentials.
  3. No Outage
    Yes you heard it right! Microsoft has an impressive SLA that goes up to 99.99% in most quarters which means that you will no longer have to worry about any outages or non availability of services. Microsoft’s huge financial clout enables them to maintain multiple servers in secure locations at different parts of the world, this ensures that even some calamity were to strike upon one of these locations, the data can easily be migrated to another location.
  4. Archive mailboxes
    Exchange online allows for existence of archive mailboxes along with user’s primary mailbox. Users with large mailboxes can have their old mails automatically moved to the archive mailbox keeping the primary mailbox clutter free and responsive. The contents of archive mailbox can be searched and accessed anytime one wishes.
  5. Don’t have to worry about mailbox sizes anymore
    Every Exchange admin has to worry about those few users with large mailboxes but with Exchange online, this is no longer the case. 50 GB user mailboxes in addition to shared and resource mailboxes of 50 GB each means that there is very little mailbox management to be done as you get ample room to comfortably send and receive anything.
  6. Office 365 Groups
    Want a secure area to coordinate your team efforts? With Office 365 groups that comes as a free addon in your Exchange online, you can create a real-time group for collaboration. All the group members will have access to the shared group mailbox where one can post updates, take notes etc in seamless fashion.
  7. E- Discovery
    Exchange online takes the complexity out of E-discovery process by facilitating advanced search across your entire tenant. This makes preserving data especially metadata for purposes of litigation much easier.
  8. Litigation Holds
    Litigation holds allows for retaining of mails even after being deleted by the user. This information can then be used to recover accidentally deleted mails or for legal compliance matters. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Litigation Hold that Exchange Online offers:

    • Save a copy of the original mail as backup.
    • Keep the data forever or for a specified duration of time.
    • Save copy of the mailbox items deleted by user.
    • Save copies of mails deleted by Messaging Records Management (MRM).
    • Hold items based on pre-set criteria and put a user mailbox under multiple different Holds.
  9. Mail Flow automation
    You can use the transport rules or mailbox rules in Exchange online to automate mail flow. Admins can set transport rules to set encryption, add signatures to all emails, do away with approvals for message delivery etc whereas users can make use of mailbox rules to move messages to folders of their choice, set customized alert sounds etc.
  10. Your data is Secure
    Exchange online comes bundled with always-on protection. Needless to say Microsoft also has dedicated staff for monitoring and working on security related issues. So you can rest assured that your data is safe from any possible cyber-threats. Exchange online is also regularly evolving with Microsoft releasing Security patches for it from time to time.
  11. Exchange Online Protection
    Worried about spam? Microsoft has you covered, the Exchange Online Protection comes with a number of spam filters that help prevent spam in your mailboxes. You can even fine tune the spam filters to your organisation’s preference from the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center.
  12. Encrypted mails
    Exchange online can encrypt all the data going to and coming from the clients irrespective of the platform. All email communications will take place through encrypted channels only if both sending and receiving organizations allow for it.
  13. Data Loss Prevention
    You will no longer have to worry about the security of your data thanks to Exchange Online DLP. Simply put DLP policies are conditions that can be created via the Exchange Admin Center comprising for transport rules, actions, exceptions etc which when activated helps you prevent leakage of any sensitive information
  14. Multi Factor Authentication
    Preventing unauthorized access has never been more easier than now. With MFA, you can choose to require more than just the username and password. MFA can be configured for all users or select groups.

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