5 Reasons to opt for Office 365 backup

Official 365 has had a tremendous run since its inception .It is now used by millions of organizations spanning the length and breadth of the globe. Consequently, a number of utilities offering non native solutions for Office 365 email backup have sprung up. In this blog, we shall explore why it would be unwise to dismiss the need for Office 365 backup using a professional and reliable backup tool.

While it is certainly reassuring that Microsoft takes care of the hosting and maintenance responsibilities of the Office 365 infrastructure, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t take other measures such as a full backup to safeguard their information. As a matter of fact, even though office 365 is a reliable cloud platform, it is your responsibility to ensure that there is always secure backup of all your Office 365 data that you can access at anytime and even restore back to the cloud if need arises.

The obvious answer to why office 365 backup would be that it is a must have to prevent any data loss from unforeseen circumstances. However beyond this obvious benefit, there are some other compelling reasons to consider Office 365 backup:

Your data floats in the cloud: Yes you heard it right, it is not a secret that all the data of your Office 365 tenant and the suite of applications associated with it will be in the cloud, however, what you may overlook is the fact that such data may not necessarily be stored in one location. In fact Microsoft themselves make it abundantly clear that they may have to replicate your data across multiple data centres to ensure its safety in the event of a disaster. It is also entirely possible that your Outlook emails, sharepoint documents, onedrive files etc may be stored separately. So how to find out where exactly is your Office 365 data? What happens if you need to retrieve the data at any point of time? This is where the importance of having secure Office 365 email backup becomes all the more important so that you no longer have to worry about the safety and location of your data in cloud as you will have a complete backup solution at your hand.

Data is the king: No, matter what your line of business, it goes without saying that the survival of your organization is entirely dependant on the way it processes information. Large organizations may generate hundreds of gigabytes of data every passing day. The ability of an organization to securely store and access the data it generates or is associated with it will determine how successful the venture will turn out to be, Having your Office 365 data backed up securely is like taking an insurance policy as it gives you peace of mind by eliminating the risks of information loss.

Compliance needs: Depending on the geographic location of your business and that of the places where you offer your services, you may be subject to a variety of compliance laws like the recently introduced GDPR in EU or HIPAA, GLBA, FCRA, TCPA, TSR and CAN-SPAM in the US. These regulatory norms often require that an organization keep intact all their communication records including email, attachments etc for a very long period of time, It therefore becomes imperative that one looks beyond native tools if such regulatory requirements have to be fulfilled as the native backup options are often time limited.

Limitations of native Backup options: Using native backup options could prove to be a rather risky gamble as they might have policy enforced limitations on the number of days upto which a backup is kept or may not be able to recover accidentally deleted items. Add to this the fact that each user has to work with a definitive amount of storage space allocated to them meaning that sooner or later users will have to start deleting their old mails to free up more space. Such scenarios are better avoided as the deleted mails may contain critical information that could be of potential use in future for auditory or regulatory purposes etc.

Ransomware threats: The number of systems that were compromised by the infamous WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm in May 2017 was rather astounding. It only proves that the hackers are getting more sophisticated and will stop at nothing to steal information. This means that we have to employ steadfast preventive measures or risk losing our data forever. No one can ever hold you ransom if you have a complete and up to date backup of your Office 365 tenant. For this, you will need to use a professional tool that can help make regular incremental Office 365 backups for you.

Why Office 365 backup

Well, if not abundantly clear by now, the native options available for Office 365 backup are sorely inadequate thereby leaving your organization’s important information vulnerable in cloud. A professional tool like EdbMails for Office 365 Email backup can however come handy thanks to its highly secure AES-256 bit incremental backups. You can choose where to store the backups locally and restore them whenever necessary. Thanks to its quick and straightforward Office 365 authentication and easy to use interface, EdbMails offers the perfect solution for all your Office 365 backup needs.

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