A Feature rich Exchange Server backup tool

EdbMails Exchange Server Backup Tool

EdbMails Exchange backup tool provides an excellent solution for the Exchange server backup process. It provides a healthy environment to take backup from the exchange server with its numerous features:

Features of EdbMails Exchange Server Backup


  1. Simple and intuitive GUI:
    The tool is very easy to handle as it is having a simple and intuitive user interface.
  2. True Incremental:
    The consecutives backup on the same system are truly incremental, so there by saves time, storage space.
  3. Highly compressed:
    The backup is highly compressed with an intention of saving storage space.
  4. AES 256 bit encrypted:
    The tool provides an additional security for your backed-up mailboxes with military graded AES 256-bit encryption.
  5. Option for default or private key encryption:

    You can select default key as tool automatically generates key or private key which you can set your own key as additional protection to your mailbox data.

  6. Backup all mailbox items
    The tool performs backup of your entire exchange mailbox items like E-Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Journals, Tasks, Notes etc. flawlessly.
  7. Store backed up mailboxes to local computer, network or shared drives
    You can store the backed-up mailboxes to local computers or networks, or shared drives as per your requirement.
  8. Automatic connectivity in case of intermittent internet connection:
    No need to worry about the continuity of the backup process during the intermittent internet service. The tool continues the backup flow without any disturbance
  9. Exclude folder option:
    There is an Exclude folder option with which you can get backup of required folders from the mailboxes.
  10. Selective items backup using filters:
    You can get selective items backup from the mailboxes by applying Email Address, Date, Subject, Attachment filters.
  11. Maintains folder hierarchy:
    The tool keeps the backed-up mailbox folder hierarchy remains unaltered as the original.
  12. Single or multiple mailbox backup:
    You can perform the backup of single or multiple mailbox backup.
  13. Public folders backup:
    You can have backup of public folder mailboxes by choosing ‘Connect to Export / Backup / Migrate Public folder ‘option in the login window
  14. Archive mailbox backup:
    You can have backup of public folder mailboxes by choosing ‘Connect to Export / Backup / Migrate Archive Mailbox ‘option in the login window.
  15. Shared mailbox backup:
    The tool supports the shared mailbox backup
  16. Full control over retention policies:
    Forget the worries about retention policies as it is having full control over retention policies.
  17. Backup of 30 incremental versions:
    You can get backup of 30 consecutive incremental version from your Exchange mailboxes.
  18. Granular backup:
    The tool allows you to backup individual mailboxes from your Exchange server.
  19. Display Item counts in each folder /subfolder:
    You can have the number of items in the mailbox folders that you need to select for the backup.
  20. Restore backed up mailboxes to Exchange server:
    You can restore all the mailbox items very easily to the target server.
  21. Log Reports:
    You can get the full details of backed-up mailboxes with the items count.
  22. Facility to load CSV files in case of mailboxes missing in the list:
    If you can’t find required mailboxes in the list, you can load the mailboxes CSV and perform backup.
  23. Split PST facility:
    If you are having large sized mailboxes, you can split backup PST size using split PST provision.
  24. Supports backup from Exchange server 2007, 2010,2013,2016 and 2019 versions
    The tool supports to mailboxes backup from Exchange server 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.
  25. Cost effective:
    EdbMails is the best option from both product quality and less price aspects.
  26. Demo facility for testing:
    You can verify the backup process using ‘Free Trial’ as it will backup 30 items from each and every mailbox folder.

Choose EdbMails and backup your mailboxes from Exchange server with full satisfaction.
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