Is Backup for Office 365 already included?

Backing up of your all business related data is very important and we should not neglect doing so, otherwise we end up losing important data. Backup helps to secure our data from some severe cyber attack and it never matters whether we are using on-site servers or cloud solutions. Businesses whoever using cloud services the ambiguity for them will be, how their data is being backed up?? Who is responsible for that action?? How their data is secured from a cyber attacks, unpredictable disasters and total system failure???

While Office 365 is Cloud Based, Backup for Office 365 is still a must

People have misunderstanding that if their data is stored in cloud then it’s not necessary to take backup of that. There are many reasons to create office 365 backup, to secure their precious data they should follow some strict industry related instructions:

  1. Data is in cloud server. In this case, the chances of data lose is very high because it will be stored in cloud servers which will be located in some geographic location.
  2. Outlook doesn’t takes backup older than 30 days. By mistake if you delete any important data this may lead to the lifetime data loss. Yes its true outlook doesn’t takes backup which is deleted from the bin for more than 30 days and it stores the data in PST format.
  3. Organizations related to healthcare, finance etc., will have strict rules for data backup. As they deal with large and sensitive information of their clients they will have some strict guidelines to follow as industry regulatory compliance is essential for them.
  4. Ransomware Attacks: If you store your data in cloud it doesn’t mean that your data is threat free as we can’t forget the 2017 WannaCry attack. And all organizations should be ready for these kinds of situations.
  5. To protect Business data, backup plan is important. To be safe and assure business continuity in worst situations having backup is very important.

How to ensure you have an up-to-date Data Backup

Several ways are there to take backup up-to-date. In that one way is to use third party tool like EdbMails Office 365 Backup tool, which allows you to take full or incremental backups. Its AES-256 bit Encrypted and it takes incremental backup so it never creates duplicate. As it stores the data locally, we can backup and restore the data whenever we want.

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