Office 365 Migration performance

If your organization is ready to move to Office 365 and you’ve done all the necessary preparations to start moving mailboxes, then there are some things that you must know about like the fact that Office 365 imposes some restrictions on connections to it from other applications. Let’s explore further as to what these bottlenecks are and how they affect Office 365 migration performance.


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Factors affecting Office 365 Migration

These are some of the prominent factors that end up affecting Office 365 migrations:

  1. Source of data: The migration speed is dependent on the type of hardware used at the source server and its specifications. The workload on the source server and the tasks being performed on it will also have a direct impact on all migration operations from it.
  2. Type of data: The migration will to a lot extent depend on the quantity and type of data being migrated. The kind of items within mailboxes will vary a lot from one organization to another. Another important factor is data density, even if you have two mailboxes of virtually the same size, the one with lesser items in it will migrate faster than the one with more number of items.
  3. Virtual Machines: It is a common practice to host MRSProxy service on VM when it comes to hybrid deployments. Such scenarios can prove to be a heavy bottleneck depending on the performance of the VM.
  4. Inherent limitations: One must realize that the migration engine is entirely responsible for getting data from the source server, transporting it through network and then inserting the data into requisite Office 365 mailboxes. MRSProxy service, by design, has its own restrictions.
  5. Firewall: Some of the configurations on your on premises server like that of Firewall, can at times have a noticeable impact on the migration process.
  6. Network: One of the most critical factors during migration is the network performance. The quality of your end to end network connection from source server to Office 365 will affect the migration process. The capacity of the network or in other words its bandwidth, its stability and occurrence of delays will also play an important role when it comes to migration performance.
  7. Office 365: The Office 365 has some inbuilt mechanisms to manage migration workload. For example, the default settings in user-throttling policy limits the rate of overall maximum data transfer.

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Wrapping up

Some of the native techniques like cutover, staged or hybrid migrations can lead to downtime and increased overheads. These are also overly complicated and need days if not weeks of careful planning. The ideal solution for quick and intuitive migrations to Exchange online would be to use EdbMails Office 365 Migration tool. EdbMails can directly perform truly incremental migrations of your source Exchange Server mailboxes to Office 365. While other factors, like the ones mentioned above, may still impact the migration performance, EdbMails on its part does not introduce any bottlenecks whatsoever to the migration process.

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