Office 365 Migration by using third party tool

Compared to olden days, now every organization is considering migrating to their old exchange server to Office 365 server. This is especially important if they want to reap the benefits of all the new features that Office 365 brings to the table. If you plan your migration strategy well and execute it in a proper manner then Office 365 migration will be as straightforward as it gets.

For an efficient and secure migration to Office 365, you will need a good third-party tool. We suggest you to use ‘EdbMails’ as it is the best Office 365 migration tool out there trusted by hundreds of IT admins across the globe.

Why should you migrate from Exchange server to Office 365?

  • Microsoft will no longer give support to many legacy exchange server and window server environments.
  • In the absence of critical security patches and updates, your information is prone to risks from malicious attacks
  • You don’t have to worry about server maintenance, security issues, system updates when you migrate to Office 365 Cloud.
  • Different strategies, fitting your requirement, for seamless migration of all your data from on-premise server to Exchange online is available

Some features of EdbMails are:

  1. Easy to use:
    Office 365 Migration tool is simple to use so there is no need for you have to technical knowledge. So, if you are not technically sound then also you can use EdbMails for performing the migration.
  2. Migrate all:
    Here you can migrate everything including emails, calendars, schedules, journals or contacts, tasks from your source to Office 365.
  3. Safe migration:
    Using EdbMails will never spoil your data or damage it. Before and after migration also your data will always safe and secure.
  4. Work in intermittent internet connection:
    There can be times when internet connection is not properly available and sometimes connections can become intermittent. This leads to many problems in the time of migration. But if you are using EdbMails it works in all condition means in that condition it is automatically reconnect.

Why we recommended you to use EdbMails as third-party tool?

  • This tool helps you to perform direct migration from exchange server to Office 365.
  • Here you can migrate entire mailbox or what you wish to migrate that only you can migrate.
  • You can Migrate public folder to Office 365 public folder.
  • There will not be any duplicate items in the mailboxes during successive incremental migrations

If you are to follow some of the steps for migration, guided by EdbMails then you can get successful migration. EdbMails is one of the best software for Migration to Office 365. And also approved by experts also its popularity is spread all over the globe.

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