Office 365 – PST import service

Simple steps to import PST to Office 365.

Copy the PST files using “azcopy.exe” from the “Microsoft Azure Storage Tools”
Create a matching file (CSV file)
Import the data into mailboxes.

PST file upload

In Office 365 admin center you will see the Office 365 Import Service as a link off the main admin page, Import Service is a new feature in Office 365.
Please check the pst files and mapping mailboxes meticulously.
Upload all the files to Azure storage
AzCopy /Source:C:\myfolder /Dest: /DestKey:key /S
Specifying option /S uploads the all the files of the specified directory to Blob storage recursively.

Matching File Creation

Once the files are uploaded, you will need to create a “matching file”. Sample CSV that identifies the source PST file name, target mailbox and the folder where you want the data placed. Below is the image of the CSV file shown.


Header details of CSV file. Workload,FilePath,Name,Mailbox,IsArchive,TargetRootFolder,SPFileContainer,SPManifestContainer,SPSiteUrl Exchange,,PSTNAME.pst,ObjectID,FALSE,/,,,

Importing the Data into Mailboxes

Once the files have been uploaded, now start the import process. You will need to have the Exchange “Mailbox Import Export” role.

Select the “New Job” and then “Upload Data over the Network” will take you into the import wizard. After selecting that you’ve already uploaded the data and created the matching file, you will be prompted to enter a job name.

Then you’ll be asked for the location of the matching file (local to your machine) and the import process begins. A summary page provided once the import job is completed.

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