Recover a Single Email item in EdbMails Application

EdbMails Application is an excellent tool for Email recovery and also, to convert Edb files to PST files. It allows the user to recover single or multiple mailboxes at once. And later,these mailboxes can be exported to PST files.

EdbMails Application allows the users to sort the email items by From address, To address and Subject. So that the user can search for a particular email item very easily and quickly.

How to Sort?

  • Launch EdbMails Application. Enter the Login Credentials.edbmails-application
  • Once you successfully logged in, browse for the EDB file which you want to recover. And click Start Offline EDB Recovery
  • Once all the contents of the EDB file are loaded, click any one of the Column headers containing From, Subject, To… You can sort either in ascending order or in descending order.edb-file-loadedSometimes, the users want to save particular mail(s), contact(s), calendar(s) in different file formats such as .eml, .mht, .html, .txt, .msg etc.This can be easily achieved using EdbMails application.

How to save a particular email item in different format?

  • Right click on the item which you want to save in different format, click on Save as, select the format, to which you want to save the
  • Select the folder location to save the selected item and save it. It will display a successful message once it is saved.

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