Solving client computer not a member of ‘Exchange Server’ domain error

There are times when Exchange Server Admins have to deal with the error message “You may have logged on to a client computer, which is not a member of ‘Exchange Server’ domain”. There can be a few reasons why you are seeing this, in this blog we’ll explore the reasons and possible solutions to this problem in detail. Some of the causes of this error could be:

  1. The database containing disconnected mailboxes is not mounted.
  2. ‘Full Mailbox Permission’ is not granted for the particular mailbox.

Quick Solution

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You can start by trying to mount the mailbox store. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Using the Exchange Management Console (EMC)
  2. Using the Exchange Management Shell

Using the Exchange Management Console (EMC)

Follow the steps below to mount the database using Exchange Management Console:

  1. Expand Organization Configuration
  2. Click Mailbox from left pane
  3. From the Database Management tab choose the database that you want to mount.
  4. Choose the Mount Database option from the Executives pane on the right side.

Using Exchange Management Shell

You can make use of the Mount-Database cmdlet for mounting databases on on-premises Exchange server. The syntax for the cmdlet is given below:

Mount-Database [-Identity] <DatabaseIdParameter>

For example:

Mount-Database -Identity\Database01

The above example mounts Database01.

Note: You need appropriate permissions to be assigned so as to be able to mount databases, also the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service and the Microsoft Exchange Replication service should be running.

To conclude

While we have looked at the possible causes of “You may have logged on to a client computer, which is not a member of ‘Exchange Server’ domain” error and their solutions, there can be scenarios where the Exchange database EDB file gets corrupted due to one reason of the other. In such situations, to recover all the information from EDB file, one can make use of EdbMails EDB to PST Converter.

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