Best software for Office 365 Migration

When you think of migrating from Exchange server to Office 365, you need a good software. There are a wide range of software’s that are available but from the lot, most capable utility is “EdbMails” tool for exchange migration. Because it is very simple and easy to setup as well as use. And also, it is trusted by millions of experts across the globe.


Scalable and High performance Office 365 migration

EdbMails – Office 365 Migration can accomplish your existing Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant migration project effortlessly.
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For easy migration you should follow some of the steps of Office 365 Migration. And in this blog, we will highlight some important features of migration with EdbMails.

EdbMails Exchange server to Office 365 Migration Features

  1. Safe Migration:

    It will ensure that your entered details are always kept secure. It means your data will always be secure as the migration happens directly between the source and target server without any intermediaries being involved.

  2. No duplication:

    There is a need to ensure that no duplicate items are being migrated during the course of migration. EdbMails ensures precisely this by migrating only those items which were not migrated previously.

  3. Migration of Public folder:

    By using EdbMails you can migrate whole public folder data. Once you use this tool, then only you can understand how easy it is to make use of it for migration purposes.

  4. Supports other languages:

    EdbMails supports non-English Unicode characters. So, language is not a constraint for this tool. It will help you in migration of mailboxes even if there are languages other than English involved.

  5. Riskless and easy to manage:

    You don’t have to put much of a struggle or be a technical person to be able to use this software because it is very easy to setup and navigate. Anyone can work with this software by following the instructions in step by step guide. So, this helps you to perform riskless migration.

  6. Selected items migrate:

    Generally, migration means moving all the data from exchange server to other domain. But in EdbMails you have the options to migrate only selected items which you wish.

  7. Direct Migration:

    You can directly migrate from your on-premise exchange server to Office 365 tenant. Sometimes you may not get proper support from Microsoft but EdbMails offers 24×7 support.

  8. Without Downtime:

    EdbMails assures no downtime. It means end users can access their mailboxes with no limitation. So, your exchange deployment will be effectively in use during migration process with zero downtime.

Exchange server to Office 365 Migration Best Tool

Finally it can be concluded that for good and effective migration EdbMails is the best tool . First you can use then you believe how it works easily.

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