Office 365 Migration Challenges and Best Practices

In business world MS Office 365 software is not surprising product because of common use of the software in globe. But you may face issues during the time of Office 365 migration. So, for this reason not all the admins show interest in Office 365 migration. We can list some type of migration, protection and compliance requirements, bandwidth concerns, hybrid prerequisites, legacy archive exports and even the retention policy.


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Office 365 Migration:

There are three types of migration: cutover, staged migration and hybrid migration. Before migrating to office 365 proper planning is required. And it depends on what environment you are running. From this base we can choose the type of migration which is suitable for you.

Office 365 Migration types:

Cutover Migration: With Exchange version 2007, 2010, 2013 can be migrate all the mailbox data to office 365 in single migration. These all depend upon your mailboxes in your organization. You can migrate either with Setup wizard or Exchange Admin Center. With setup wizard you can migrate 150 mailbox and with Exchange Admin Center you can migration more than 150 to 2000 mailboxes.

Staged Migration: This is also called as batch migration which means, migrate all mailbox database in batches. For 2003 and 2007 exchange version it is very useful, and more than 2000 mailbox can be migrated in staged migration.

Hybrid Migration: In this migration you can migrate large size of mailbox means more than 150 mailboxes within less period. This method is available for 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Essentials of protections and consent:

You may come across many problems during migration. Such as multi-factor auth, DLP anti-spam, encryption and rights management or device management etc. You must check at least twice, whether the data is safe. Because the data are always kept as safe is very important. And even in domains like finance and healthcare the data is so important, you cannot lose your secure data. It is important to choose best safe and secure tool for migrating your mailboxes to office 365.

Large file size data are not easily migrated to office 365. Large files like public folders, archive data, or emails with attachments. It is recommended to go for 3rd party tools for large file size migration to office 365 to reduce the more risk.

Export archive mailbox:

In general practice old mails and data are kept as archive. It is not linked to the mail mailbox. Archive folders are configured with separate folder. Archive mails contains journal report and other old important messages. In migration you can migrate only archived folder and its data using the third-party tool. Ensure the data you are moving to the archive folders. Not to merge with main mailbox data.

Bandwidth issues:

Perhaps it almost takes lot of bandwidth, but it is depending upon what technology we use for migration. If you transfer very big files, means if it is in GB then you take long time for migration. Using Exchange Web Services is better for bandwidth usages. Because it collects the details of data per day and it controls the limits of files migration in large files.

Limitations of Office 365 Retention policy:

If you want to retain your retention policy, there is some limitations. You can store deleted messages for 14 days by default using office 365. But the administrator can increase the period by change Messaging Recording Management policy. But it may not helpful for some of the organization.

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