Office 365 Migration – 4 Essential Things to know before Migration

If you are decided to migrate to office 365 you will have some latest features. Before doing so you need to know some essential things before migrating to office 365. Let’s get into the details.

Office 365 Migration Planning:

If your organization is tired of using old outdated systems, to get rid of this you can upgrade by migrating your data to office 365 and also you will get to use the latest features. To do so your organization needs to have an extensive planning of the migration process and the planning should be practical and feasible to avoid any kind of issues.

Data Protection and Security:

Each and Every data of an organization is precious. If any of the data gets deleted by mistake it may cause huge data loss to the organization. Therefore, to avoid such situations, it’s better to have the complete knowledge about office 365 migration to know the data protection and security policies of the same to secure your organization data.

Data Management in the Cloud:

Moving all your organization data to the cloud authorizes the users to access the data quickly from anywhere without the IT involvement. But it doesn’t mean that IT is not responsible anymore. Even then they are responsible for data security maintenance and administration. Therefore, in these days, office 365 migration leads to the easy business collaboration.

Office 365 Record Management:

Whole organization record you can manage in single record. If end user wants to work on office 365, they can access easily without any issues. The end users no need to worry about the office 365 managing details. This process is not affected for office 365 record. The end user can access data from anywhere.

EdbMails Office 365 Migration Tool:

To do the office 365 migration with less difficulty and efficiently you need to check out the third party tool called EdbMails Office 365 Migration tool which have the more advanced features like granular migration, incremental migration, public folder migration and archive mailbox migration etc.

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